Meet the Speaker

Jerry has been with Herbalife for 4 1/2 years and this opportunity has totally changed his life! He was a 3 sport athlete at Michigan State University, and moved to California in 1997 where he played Professional Beach Volleyball for 12 years (AVP, FIVB). He played Beach Volleyball in the 2000 Olympic Qualifier Series but did not qualify for the U.S. Team. He went into Corporate America in 2004 after retiring from Volleyball and life started going downhill. He was a broke, retired athlete, had changed companies 8 times over 8 years and finally after working dark to dark, sometimes 7 days per week, for years and having benefits cut, pay cuts and hours increased. He finally filed for bankruptcy in 2009. Thats when Herbalife found him. He remembered that Herbalife had sponsored the AVP Tour a few years before and his friend Mark Addy was starting to do very well. He met with Mark and started his Herbalife business part time around his Corporate job and other part time jobs. After 3 years - he hit the Millionaire Team and was able to quit all of those jobs and move forward with Herbalife full time. He qualified President's Team after 4 years and 4 months of staring his business. Jerry says "Herbalife is now my life and not just my career. The people in my business are my friends and the Herbalife Team around the World are now my family."