Meet the Speaker

Meet the Speaker:

This opportunity found me at a point in my life where insecurities, lack of self confidence, debt & lack of motivation was at an all time high. Becoming a parents of twins at 21 years old, drive us into a dark wall we never thought we would get out of. We were searching for something to take our family to the next level and be able to simply provide our kids the same lives our parents provided to us. Herbalife found me when my husband decided to join the army, I lost 50 lbs and started finding love and confidence within myself. I so badly wanted to be able to teach my daughters how to love themselves and that’s when the opportunity found me. Looking to simply help provide, I started helping my circle of influence and found much more than I could have imagined. Prior to Herbalife I was a medical assistant, who never went the extra mile in anything that I did even though I knew in my heart I could do so much more. By simply becoming excited about Herbalife, the community & falling in love with myself again I taught others how to do the same and we’ve been able to build a millionaire team organization in just 3 and a half years. We’ve been able to upgrade our lifestyle in so many areas but most importantly give our daughters a life we once thought we wouldn’t be able to. With my husband deployed, having the time & means to be present for them emotionally while still working for an even brighter future has been priceless.